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Off road Driving Day in the South West


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Well two days left in the season at the Bampton site, 22 Mar and 12 Apr, both have some spaces on them.

Days are designed to be a non damaging, challenging but relaxed affair with plenty of options to allow you to pick and choose routes/options to suit your or your vehicles needs. you can come along in a pretty standard vehicle (MTs and recovery points are a must) but winches, snorkels etc are not essential.

If you would like to see wbat the routes are like and what terrain you are likely to come across then have a look through any of the Drive Round Day reports here

So if you want to get out and play and use the vehicle for what its designed for come along for the day and give it a go.






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One place left on the 22nd Mar

We have changed the 12 Apr to Sat 11 Apr now (missing Easter Sun!) 4 places left - last one for this year at Bampton.

Steve - you still thinking of coming down for the 22nd?

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22 Mar

1 Jeroen

2 Cheeseman (Rich)

3 Gary Sharpe

4 Bob Smith

5 James Wickenden

One place left either going to Alford or Clarke depending who (if either) sends the forms and payment in to confirm the place.

11 Apr

1 Jos Greenhow

2 Jeroen Va De Hooft

3 Marcus

4 Kevin Williams

5 steve Guerney

6 Les Brock

11 Apr now full!

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