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Brake pedal bush & pin

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hi all does any one know where i can get the pin that goes through the brass bushes in the top of the brake peddel??

IM told you can only get it if you buy the peddel box that the servo sits on thats craddocks option i only need the pin im thinking of welding it up and regrinding and stick it on a lath.has any one done this job is it difficult ? the mot have given me an advisory on it spoke to a few people they said they never heard of that one before i must admitt there is a bit of play but me being me want it done so any help suggestions welcome thanks!!!

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doubt you'll get them from anywhere else other than a LR parts supplier main dealer or independent, should be possible to knock the old bushes & pin & get some new machined up locally.

as they are old 6 digit numerical part numbers, they would be common to Series 3 LR's.

new bushes from L R Series

Craddocks also stock the bushes Part Number : 564816


AND 2.6 SERIES 2A & 90/110


they don't have the pin listed though

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To be honest I always ring the dealership regardless.

I have been amazed at how reasonable some parts have been during my rebuild and quality tends to be far superior.

With regard to the pin if you have a local machine shop (or a mate witha lathe), have one knocked up from a similar material as the original.


G :)

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is that right !!! dont think so the last time i went to harwoods in pulbough (never again) i wanted a swivel ball level check plug oh we dont stock these you have to buy a pack of ten £36 i dont think so!!!!! main dealer main rip off more like

You will find this with quite a few LR products, I needed a rocker shaft spacing bush, there are only 5 in the engine but sold in packs of 10, reverse gear plunger bearing and retention clips both again in packs of 10.

If the dealer does not expect to sell them often they will not want to stock them.

So yes it is right!!!!! :P;)

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