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Reverse light swith


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Reverse lights dont work on my 96 300 tdi....

Changed the bulbs today 'just in case' still nothing...

So next port of call is the switch, where would this be on the gearbox, had a quick look and cant see anything obvious.....

Dunno what box I have either....

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There should be an R380 gearbox on your Discovery.

The reverse light switch is on the left hand side of the box, about 3-5 cm under the gearbox lever housing on the top of the box and about 8-10 cm from the mating face with the transfer box.

The squarish box in the center of this pic is the lever housing: http://forums.lr4x4.com/uploads/1150116333..._122_304744.jpg

P.S. You can berely see the switch (blue arrow) in this picture (the lever housing is removed and other bits are missing as well):


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Common cure (if your lamps come on when you put pressure on the stick then go off as you ease the pressure off) is to whip the switch off (I say whip - you'll need freakily shaped wrists/arms and a lot of patience), bin the sealing washer and re-fit it - this brings the plunger closer to the selector and has worked fine for me many a time...... (admittedly on deafeners mainly where its easy to get to by just taking the tunnel off!)

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I last did mine from underneath as I couldn't be bothered to drill out the rivets for the sound matting around the gear-stick and I dont reckon you get enough extra room by doing it to warrant the time it takes - but, you could check out the bias springs and such while you were in that area so 2 birds/1 stone situation. If you do it from underneath I'd reckomend a ratchet spanner for the job as its one of those things that you can only move a flat at a time and you need to constantly 'flip' the spanner if using an open-ender. Its not that bad a job, just need to be patient with it............

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