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Panhard/Radius arm mounting N/S cracked


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Whilst stripping the front axle today for a full rebuild I noticed a crack propagating from the corner of the axle mounting for the Radius arm

only about 3-4mm long on the top behind the bottom spring mount.

No idea where or how this started or if it was fatigue I think it was as no impact damage.

I have repaired it today but it may be worth havinga check of yours to see if a similar crack has started.

My 90 is 12years old this year and covered 146k miles the last 50k in my tender care :)

I didn't take any pics as Time was pressing to get other bits ordered.

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One other aspect to consider is a std length panhard rod on a lifted vehicle is always going to be under more stress on the mountings and bushes as its fighting against the radius arms for a happy geometry .

This depends upon the lift and the 'tolerances' of the original vehicle build. I did the math once and if all equal then a 2 inch lift makes about (IIRC) 1mm difference in sideways axle location. In any case the difference is very small and not really enough to consider an extreme adjustable panhard rod ;)

Either way, good call Tony (in light of recent events). I guess there are a number of people on this forum who push their LR a fair way beyond original intended usage and such fatigue cracking is bound to occur eventually.

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Upon further inspection the line that looks like a crack is infact just a mark on the surface that I have just wiped away.

The corner where the crack started from can be accessed form below if I remove the radius arm.

I may do this when my new axle stands arrive and the rain stops.

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since last june Ive changed 2 front axles one on my 1994 300tdi disco where the mounting brackets had sheared off on both sides on the o/s and another axle on my mates 1990 200tdi disco where it had sheared off on the n/s

both times when fitting the replacement axles I ve given them a good wire brushing to get to bare metal to check for cracks and the welded a 4mm bit of steel with holes the same size as the radius arm, bolts on top of the brackets and used slightly longer bolts

touchwood, theyve been ok on both motors since even with some over enthusisatic offroading

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