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Brake pipe flaring


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ebay £9.oo practice on spare pipe first !! there are two types copper and nickle plated the nickel one lasts longer but is harder to bend .its best to get a three way splitter as when i undid the union it chewed the thread in the spliter there cheap from most motor factors ps there multi size 3/8 i think 10.1 thread from memmory

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Brake pipe is 3/16", fitting thread is 10mm (fine thread is the only available size).

There are two types of pipe ends - single flare (looks like a trumpet end), and double flare (which looks like a mushroom). You must use like-for-like, or there will be leaks/brake failure. I always use cupro-nickel brake pipe, which comes in 32-feet coils at around £16. Whatever flaring tool you use - practice on cut-offs until you are confident to use it on your truck.


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