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Closest metric to 7.00?


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Hi again.

I'm trying to figure out the closest Metric equivelant to the 7.00 R16 tyre size. I've come up with it being somewhere between 205/80 and 215/85.

Anyone know of what may be a common size that's very close if not the same size to 7.00 R16?

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Hold on gents, you're going the wrong way....

A 7.00R16 tyre has the following characteristics:

- radial construction

- rim width code: 5.50

- nominal rim diameter: 406 mm

- outer diameter: 784 mm (30.86 inches)

- section width: 198 mm

From the above, you can determine the aspect ratio: ~95%

The closest aspect ratio on metric tyres is 85%, so you can start from that.

Use your favorite tyre calculator and see what you can come up with. THIS seems to be the favorite tyre calculator on this forum.

The nearest metric equivalent seems to be 225/85R16 (0.6% larger outer diameter).

Or you can go on LR's hand and choose what they use instead of the skinny 7.00R16 on Defenders: 235/85R16.

The issue is that either 225 or 235/85R16 require a wider rim than the 5.50 used on 7.00R16 tyres.

As you see, theoretically speaking, given the rim width and the aspect ratio,.there's no metric equivalent for a 7.00R16 tyre. In other words, there's no metric tyre with the same overall diameter as skinny (narrow and tall) as the 7.00R16 and that fits the same rim as 7.00R16 does.

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Why do you want a 7.00R16? It seems a funny size. Std LR is 7.50x16 for LWB vehicles and 6.00x16 for SWB vehicles (series and defender). The metric replacements for LR's were 235/85-16 and 205-16 respectively...


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What CIPX said, followed by the question why would you really want one? It's an odd size and the only LR I can think of that they were ever used on in recent years was Camel Discoverys and the later ones of those went to 225/75R16 I think.

I believe the Michelin XZLs are available as a 7.00R16, they certainly used to be anyway.

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Thanks chaps.

The question was for someone who I know who was interested in getting as close to the 7.00 tyre size (like what the CT motors used) as possible, given that they appear to be the tallest tyres that you can use without having to mess about with suspension alterations. Said chap wasn't wanting a super wide tyre either, so I guess 205/80R16 might be the best size given its width and height?

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Sorry to say Gents, you're all wrong. :P From owning a 88" SIIa which originally came with 700x16s SATs on, OK 3 SATs & a Triple Traction, I can say for sure that the nearest radial that will fit on a std series rim (5.5" LWB admittedly) is a 215/85 R16, all but the same diameter as the 245/75 that Pete posted but they need at least a 6.5" wide rim. I ran some Hankook RT01s in this size, they were excellent & kept the speedo correct as well. This link will show what I'm on about. Land Rover Tyre Sizes If you're wanting info for tyre sizes for a Disco, he also has this.Disco tyre sizes.


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