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What did I break?


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Bugger...to cut a long story short, my 110 (300tdi) is at times a reluctant starter. The starter motor turns very slowly, almost as though the battery were flat, but with a little cranking it usually springs to life. When it's being particularly unco-operative I give the truck a bit of a shove and it 'bump' starts very easily.

However, yesterday I had a lightbulb moment and though of starting it in gear to provide the 'shove.' This worked fine except for the fact that I did so with the (newly adjusted) handbrake engaged. Said handbrake lever now 'grates' when I pull it up and it feels like something is bent/broken/out-of-place. Also, it may just be my imagination, but when the truck drives I can't help feeling that there's a new vibration that seems to have appeared. I've just spent a fortune fixing various bits and pieces that needed attention (some damage was self inflicted :( ) and can't afford to send it back to my friendly independent Land Rover specialist.

Oh, and there's also a kind of a 'clunk' from the back when braking, that I know is not related to the handbrake incident because it was happening before :huh:

Any advice appreciated.

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