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Drop Arm swap

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Great, two answers and they are both the same...

Great, nice one, I see why the guys who supplied the box said this is better than the old style version.

Where does the steering damper connect to then?

Sorry more questions, as im now unsure where the steering damper connects?

On the older versions you had that little link that connected to the drop arm / drag link and steering damper, where does the damper connect to now?

thanks for the info.

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Better late than never...


You have a few options on the damper.

1) Don't bother with one, you don't need one anyway as they're only there to disguise problems elsewhere.

2) Get a clamp on bracket that goes onto the drag link.

3) mount one on the tracking bar behind the axle as per Discovery.

I have chosen option 1 for since around 1993 and never had a problem.

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How's that twin shock set up like on the front?

This might give you an idea how it works...

If you're using relatively cheap and cheerful shock absorbers like me they make a huge difference reducing understeer dramatically and getting rid of the "dive" when you hit a hole/bump at speed. The rears are also double up to reduce the kangaroo effect you otherwise get on washboard sections.

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