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Hood Sticks for 88"


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.....A hoop section of a stick set fo to fit an 88" and the bit that goes above the door?

I'm quite fancying going back to canvas for the summer but after selling both my old hood and sticks (in a rare lapse of good judgement) i can't face the cost of buying new sticks being a yorkshireman! ;)

They are just bent tube and a few bits of sheet metal and i can probably knock them up at work out of some conduit for a fraction of the cost of a new set (£200+)

I'd be willing to offer a few beer tokens in exchange for the privelidge.

Alternatively if someone could take the measurments or even better trace the profile of the hoops onto some old wallpaper etc i'd be much obliged. I could probably wangle the door brackets from some good pictures.



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