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disco wiring diagram


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evening all,

i'm trying to find a Discovery wiring diagram but have failed so far. I have looked in the tech archive in this forum but the links do not work unfortunately.

Any other sites that I may be able to borrow one off, at the moment, the loom is on the floor in its entirety about 20 feet away from the machine which has no wiring in it at all!

Hope someone can assist


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sorry Russ,

I think I ommited the fact that it was a 3.9Efi. The haynes book only covers the diesel I believe. Silly Really as I only need a few pages of it covering the whole system as I am trying to work out what to cut out of the loom!

Cheers tho,


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hi V8bobber,

I find this link works for the downloads, it has disco 1 on Rave disc3 and Rave disc 2 has RRv8 so may be useful I have windows 2000 pro and have had no problem with any of the downloads (apart from microcat but that needs XP and Nero)


hope this helps, if not I've got the workshop manual at home which covers the 3.8 and could photo copy the section needed if you want, just pm your address details.


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which pages do you need, I have Discovery 1 wiring diagrams in my RAVE cd's. able to copy 7 add here if you wish or can e.mail.

Hi can you please send me the wiring diagrams for the disco 1 as im instaling the 3.9 efi motor into my defender and is stuck with the wiring.I need the colour codes as well thank you.

My email- lennynel@mweb.co.za

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