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welding tube


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Looks to me like half good and half bad. First pic is 'ok', but second pic there seems no penetration. If you didn't alter the settings, then you speeded up or over stretched yourself to minimise stop and start on what might be better as a single run. On some angles you might only get 1/3 to 1/2 a single weld for the circle you need. Start a little over the end of the last weld and do the next bit.


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Good effort so far Stewy, considering only a week. Bit more current :ph34r: then metal should start to fuse in with the weld if you burn through you have too much. Also which gas/machine are you on?

get yourself over to www.mig-welding.co.uk ;) for some top advice.

Lots of help with welding issues, along with tips and rate my welds pictures, a good few members from here are over there also. I have learn't plenty including which machines to steer clear of and how a weld should look along with methods and solutions.

Its not a commercial site so hopefully I haven't broken and rules in linking :unsure:


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i think i moved to fast on that one. I only started learning to weld this week :lol:

Keep practicing stewy, I find I can do a perfect weld one minute and then a load of rubbish the next. the more you do the more consistent you will get.

Looking at the joint one the right where you can see down the tube it looks like your notching needed to be a bit better because you can see the actual weld on the inside.

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Evening, my first post so be kind!

The old guy that taught me to weld when I was doing my time said the secret to a good weld was position, that is of the guy welding, in short if you're not comfortable and cant see the hole section of your weld from start to finish , how can expect a good result?

Oh and practice,lot off it! As part of my routine I always lay a practice bead down before I start,just in case there is a problem, better to catch it straight off than on a job :blink:

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