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Wild Welsh Weekend?


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First thanks to everyone, for 1st class company,and Chris, for pulling it all together

Si & myself teamed up,with JST along with Si, & Savage in with me, Headed south on Saturday,

Mist down in the valley, from Sarn Helen


Si up the steps after Sarn Helen ford


Coffee break before going up LFH


And a couple of Si on the way down



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What a fantastic weekend, Chris many thanks for letting us all know your plans and recommending the accommodation, lanes etc.

It was great to meet up with you all and put names to faces. My plans were slightly different for the weekend, met up with Tim to convoy up from Magnor services on Fri, laning Sat then a 0540 depart Sunday for a Challenge comp in Exeter. Both days were superb, even if my rover didn’t get muddy in Wales!

After Big Si motor reworks taking a little longer on Sat that just left Si White and TJ101 as we set off for Sarn Helen and LFH, followed by a couple of smaller lanes in that area (someones corner etc), we then did the same lanes in reverse heading back to the B&B.

Some of my pics from the day:

The fantastic view and lovely weather for Sat morning:


Sarn Helen, ford crossing, this is about as deep as the Hybrid goes isn’t it Tim?


Some nice rocky steps down to the bridge on LFH.


Thought we would have a look see first:


Going UP LFH






Rear diff guards are useful


Coming back down later in the day


3 point front linkage has good articulation (not always advantageous though)

A cracking day, cheers for the company Tim, Mark and Si. Si sorry theres a lack of photos of yours they are a bit wobbly! I will post CDs to you and Tim of the ones i have.

Big Si - many thanks for the door sills, fans i chucked in the back of your wagon.

Tony - You missed a cracking weekend, envelope on the shelf for you at mine, Jays roof bars are currently at Tims (they had to go on the roof rack to get back!)

And yes truck did get muddy at the Challenge Mark!!!

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Post moved as requested.

Tim - thought you would prob have some good ones from Sun will await the water.

Sun proved good for water at Exter, although as it was a special stage no photos!! (we were both in it) one of the smaller puddles was like this though:


the special stage one was just upto the bonnet when settled.

i guess the suspension still works ok then


A chilly start to the day there as well (So Dan wore his shorts!!)


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A chilly start to the day there as well (So Dan wore his shorts!!)

Well after vehicle testing near the artic circle with -15 to -30 degC, it was positvely boiling yesterday!

Definitely need a team photographer for all off-road events in order to get good pics!

Right off to try and wash some mud out of kit, can't work out where it came from!


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whilst we're all posting pictures of the weekend - i can't resist not posting this one...

....picture the scene, Mark hands his passenger (and at that time friend) Mike the keys to his Disco and says those immortal words....

"Don't break my car"

and the outcome :D :


Oh well Mark, the indicator lens looks better now that it's bordered with black gaffer tape, and I like to think think of the front wing as "lived in" rather than dented :)

I'm sure my time will come


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Well, apart from the sense of humour failure I suffered when Mike slipped sideways into that disco swallowing hole, I had an excellent weekend!

My favorite picture of the weekend also involves the ford...


.. I really should get a snorkel before trying that again... :rolleyes:

Cheers to everyone for a really good weekend!


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Tim as a weeks past and there are no fording photos i am beginning to conclude that maybe you took the road option around the ford.....................

Well,, was hoping Si has some pictures, as i was paddling at the time !! :D

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Excellent, i'm not in a rush, but i'd thought it would be nice to show going up LFH as well as down on my site B)

I've told you before Dave I'm more than happy to take the 100" hybrid up LFH for you to take photos of ;)

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