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TD5 Differentials Synthetic oil

Desert Cat

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The Td5 diff is essentially exactly the same as any other Land Rover 24 spline 2 pin diff as fitted to most Defender 90s in the last 15 years, the front of Defender 110s, and Discovery 1 vehicles. So any decent EP gear oil will do - I use Castrol EPX80w90 in mine. Not sure where the synthetic requirement came from - it's nothing fancy just an old tech pig-iron diff.

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What you have doubtless heard about is the fact that GL5 gear oils have ingredients that will attack bronze components. These components are normally synchro rings which are of brass or bronze. The differentials and transfer boxes fitted to all LR vehicles have no brass or bronze components so it is perfectly safe, in fact preferable to use GL5 rather than GL4 oils in them. If you can afford fully synthetic GL5 EP90 oils so much the better.

Redline oils are very good..... but expensive

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