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EGR valve removal

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What engine???

I think £18 seems a little steep but it does depend on what engine it is as to how many parts, and altho their quality. As for fuel consumption i doubt it will change enought to notice, and power, you might see a small increase.

Overall it is worth it, even for keeping your engine cleaner rather than having nasty carp recycled through the engine.

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What do you get for £18??

Undo the EGR valve, remove and place it in the wheely bin.

Get a thick piece of steel and drill two bolt holes in, then bolt over the 'ole where the valve was. (needs to be a decent thickness as thin plate will warp, and use exhaust paste to seal)

Then either blank off the top intercooler pipe, or just replace it with a bit of straight pipe (a piece of 2.5" exhaust pipe is perfect)

Open a can of lager, stand back and admire ;)

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Did the same three weeks ago. No difference in performance or mpg. However, by looking into the inlet manifold you were able to see that the exhaust fumes are not doing anything good. I would therefore alone do the job again. Paid £18 as well and all parts were of decent quality.

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