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Drivetrain - Massive Clunking

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Mainly when putting my foot down or backing off, massive clunking.

Seems to come from front prop but it could be rear, could be a driveshaft maybe?

Whats the best way to diagnose whether its a prop or driveshaft issue? Could it be anything else?

Thanks in advance


Remove front prop and check both UJ's on the bench

Drive vehicle with centre diff locked

Check for noise

Replace sound front prop

Do the same for rear prop

If noise persists then diffs, half shafts, cv's, g'box, t'box

Contact ebay and sell vehicle :unsure:

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Find a flat piece of ground. Engine, and handbrake off, put in 2nd/3rd gear, keys out of the ignition. Now get out and push the vehicle backwards and forwards (an assistant would help if you have one).

You will be able to track down where the clunk is coming from fairly easily.

If you haven't got an assistant you may find it easier on a slight slope.

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Followed the 3rd gear rocking technique above (with pal) and diagnosed this as the rear UJ.

Bolts are absolutely stuck fast, wont budge even with the rattle gun, looks like a grinder jobby!!!

What UJ do I need for a TD5 110? Mate has a couple bought in error that may fit :)

Will install new UJ and check for any other noises, hopefully just that!!!

Ta for the help


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