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Panhard Rod, Radius Arms

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I had a look here: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopi...dius+arm+bushes

I would like to install a set of new bushes to get rid of excessive play in the steering at high speeds. Are the new Britpart bushes any good ?(70% on road, 30% moderate off road)

I understood that by removing the panhard rod the chassis will move sideways. How do I realign? Will it help if I put the chassis on stands with having the wheels still on the ground?

It appears the the original bushes are in there. (Or replaced by other standard rubber bushes.)

Can I burn/cut them out and will I get the new (poly) bushes in without a press (can jack against rock sliders) or is there no way to get the job done without a press??

Thanks in advance!


1996 300tdi 90

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for putting the panhard rod back on and associated problems of the body moving in relation to the axle......

attach the panhard rod at the chassis end - loosely - and lie on your back with your head at the axle end of the panhard rod bracket. Lift the P-rod onto the bracket and then put your foot / knee against the opposite chassis leg (dumbiron is a good place) and push. panhard rod will now go into place enough for you to slide the bolt in.

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