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Defender 10AS programming

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I've been playing with my 90 again and have struck some more problems so thought I'd put up a post, maybe it'll help others in the future.

My 90 was originally a truck cab, though when I got it the roof was missing. It didn't come with a fob either, not sure if it would have had one when new anyway?

Any how, now that it's been rebuilt it's pretty much in county trim and it's our only vehicle so I thought I'd sort out the central locking to make it a bit more user friendly.

I have access to a rovacom so I've had a look at the settings in the 10AS and had a bit of a play. Problem is the settings don't seem to make much of a difference. I've opened up the 10AS and found that it has no CDL relay so central locking will never work. It does have the hazard flash relay though but I cannot get the 10AS to flash the hazards in the output test mode.

I've had a play with an older 10AS out of a Disco and loaded my coding data into it and sure enough it does everything that my 10AS does, and still doesn't flash the hazard lights, it has a cdl relay but does not operate this either. Another interesting bit is that the 10AS will learn a FOB code, the counter will increment when the FOB is used but it won't set the alarm, immobilize, flash the hazards or operate the cdl.

Seems like there might be more in the coding data than the settings let on. Does anyone have a copy of the coding data out of their county that has alarm, cdl and immobilizer that they may wish to share so I can try it out in mine?

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base models have a ...270 model 10AS which as you have spotted doesn't have the CDL relay or CDL pinouts on connectors. You can either source a 10AS ...280 models which has CDL or modify a 270 one. Here is a link courtesy of DieselJim that describes how to do this.. CDL MOD



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Hello everyone,

Can you help?

I have a 50th Anniversary defender (1998 Defender 90, V8, Auto with remote fob immobiliser but not central locking).

I am trying to fit central locking and electric windows and I dont know if I need to buy a new 10AS unit.

Does anyone know how to find out if the 10AS in a 50th Anniversary Defender can support central locking please?



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