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prop shaft slider refitment


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I have taken the sleder out of the front of the front propshaft and it pulled out by hand no problem.

Getting it back in............... :angry::(

I can just about get it started in the splines then it wont go any further,

I knocked it in with the hammer a few centimeters and it was well tight, i had to knock it back out with the hammer.

I removed the grease nipple and it made no difference second time round.

is there a specific way the splines are supposed to line up?

Many thanks

Mr frustrated!

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You did mark which way it came out, didn't you ?

It's a good idea when undoing things like prop shafts to mark each section with a corresponding mark so that assembly can be the same way they came apart so that things like balance aren't adversely affected.

BTW, the front prop is 'phased' ie, the uni's aren't in line with each other, one is offset about 30* relative to its mate.

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