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Now this looks interesting


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They look superb. Be on my list once i get my 110.

I replaced the normal vents because they were broken when i had my 90 and that took about 30 mins, so just add a bit for the extra little vent.

Wonder if the blower would need upgrading once you've removed so much restriction to the air flow?

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Side Screen Demisting - fitted to Winterised Military Defenders procured during 1991

Theres a link in my signature to download the Supplementary Military Parts List that details the parts required.

I fitted them to my 110 around 1995 and it's well worth having, here's some pics of mine -





Here's an extract from the Parts List -



The dealer looked-up the prices and wrote them against the part numbers - this was around 1995 IIRC.

The diagram doesn't make it very clear but, item #1 - Part No. RRC7316, is the adaptor that goes onto the new dash end pieces to enable the convoluted hoses to connect to them, you require 2 of this part (one for each side).

I think that you are also supposed to use 2 x RRC7316 to connect the side-screen convoluted hoses to the new dash closing panel, item #4 - RRC7320.

I didn't buy the new dash closing panel or the adaptors for it, I used my existing dash closing panel and used a holesaw to cut two holes of the right diameter into it either side of the hole where the hose for the L/H windscreen demister outlet is connected (roughly where shown in the diagram) so that the new side-screen convoluted hoses are routed behind the bulge in the dash trim. I de-burred the edges of the new holes and with a pair of pliers I 'kinked' the hole so that the convoluted hoses screwed in to the panel. I then put sealer around the joint.

I'm not sure if any of these parts are still available from Land Rover but, if they are, I expect that they're silly-money.

You could always make up your own side-screen demisting from Ducting and Vent Outlets available from Europa Specialist Spares and modify your existing dash end pieces to suit.

There's a thread about this on the military forum.

If I were having a go, and it seems a really good idea, I would try and use some ducting or even try and buy the two pipes from Land Rover. Either way it got to be better than paying £115 for a kit! It seems a lot of money!


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Contained within each DefenderVENT is an additional outlet that channels warm air away from the screen vent to mini vents located in the ends of the dashboard.

the last thing i need is something channeling what p***poor output i have away from my windscreen!

DefenderVENT will quickly clear side windows and keep them clear.

the standard system cant even keep my flippin windscreen clear, keeping the side windows clear is being kinda hopeful..........

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I have also got this system on mine. Got the part numbers off the old forum.

I would say it has to be the best modifaction I have had done to her. Does make a big difference in driving in the rain when one can actually see ones mirrors.


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Just to clarify. The DefenderVent isn't a MUD developed product. The credit for that goes to Wiberg & Wiberg in Denmark - a LR spares shop. We added it to our list of products because it fits with what we do and it's a good idea. It's an injection moulding and as Simon says if you know anything about injection moulding - you'll know why it's priced like it is.

A customer who bought a Vent kit from me did tell me that the Wolf winterisation kit is no longer available. This was an overseas trade customer who was has been selling the factory kit for years in his native 'cold' country. Since his supply has dried up he has swapped onto the DefenderVent. Haven't tried sourcing the parts myself so whether you can or can't still get them I can't comment.

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I see there are now fitting instructions. I still think it's a darned good idea and may well order one.

How big/heavy is it when packed up, from the point of view of shipping etc? I guess its probably fairly light but postage to the moon is expensive :unsure:

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Hi all, Just fitted one of these MUD/Wiberg Defendervent kits, and very pleased with it. OK, ok I know it's not cheap, and I know there isn't much airflow to work with, but it makes the best of the heater output it's got. So much so it means you can usually see where you're going whereas in my leaky machine before you simply couldn't much of the time. The side demist is an added bonus, and seems to work fairly well. I despise working with trim, so it took me a while and quite a lot of pfaffing & vocabulary to fit. Why ever didn't the factory do it years ago? But now it's lovely. If anybody does decide to do it, it's also the ideal moment to do any maintenance to the wiper boxes as that is all exposed.



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