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Fitting air-con

Les Henson

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A/c compressor



leccy fans

sticky out grille



new dashboard

cut off your legs so you can get into it...

I guess it "could" be DIY fit apart from charging up the system which would need a proper bit of kit. Hate to think what it would cost for gen parts, though there used to be an aftermarket kit you could buy, the name of the company escapes me at the moment...

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Both our (TD5) 90s have aircon. The green 99 has some sort of retro fit using genuine parts but does not have the extended front grill (it was fitted when I got it). The Grey 05 has factory fit aircon. both are really good at blowing cold air on to the passengers knees.

I think Bogmonsters list is pretty much correct apart from the front grill as above and the aircon part of the dash appears to be a bolt on addition to the standard as opposed to a complete new dash. Some of the very early V8 defenders had a different sytem that replaced the bulhead vents and dash. I think the green 90s system may have been offered as a dealer retro fit using genuine parts, so there may be info on rave? Also I recall a few years ago there was a company advertising a retro fit in the mags, I think it was in the region of £1000 but this is going back a few years.

If you need photos of anything in particular give me a shout.



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Patience is a virtue young man :rtfm:

I thought it was Climair but Google advises that they make plastic bits to stick on the outside your door to collect mud when you have wide tyres on so my memory isn't what it used to be and anyway now I think about it I reckon it was a Discovery kit not a Defender one :unsure:

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Seriously thinking of removing my knee freezer, recently drilled holes in the ducting to get hot air to my feet :rolleyes:

Complete waste of space, if fitting a system, go for something else like the proper export dash kit or by an aircon specialist.

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The aircon fitted as factory option in defender works reasoanly well in smaller internal volume vehicles eg 90 or doublecabs, it will not cut the mustard in high ambients in a station wagon /110 van .

The other prob with the factory or some aftermarket units is the location of the condensor, eg in front of rad . This is not a prob exclusively to Land rover products as T*y£ta , N!$£an etc all do same . The reason its a prob is if you are operating in sand etc in high ambients the air con will cause overheat of engine , due to the condensor heating up the air which is already hot , before it gets to the engine radiator . So just when you really want it you have to turn the aircon off .

The answer is rooftop condensor, or as I have done a full roof top unit (mine is REDDOT) they are not cheap , but they do the job (4C outlet air in 48C ambient) The other andvantage with the unit I have is it allows inlet air to be prefiltered to keep out dust , and this also allows you to pressurise the vehicle interior which also keeps out dust (even Oz red dust) .

A good aircon specialist should be able to give you pricing, and options eg roof condensor , twin evaporators , cooling capacity etc . HTSH ps, its worth taking the trouble as there is nothing more anoying having aircon on a hot day when you are tired etc and it does not do the job you expect after lugging it around the other 90% of the time .

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