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Rear Disc Brakes

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Is it easier/cheaper/better to try and convert my rear 90 drum braked axle to discs ( how hard is this) or just buy a later axle?

Will a 300tdi axle fit straight on?



Converting means you need to weld on brackets from the rear calipers

far easier to replace the entire axle

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I fitted a Range Rover Classic rear axle to my 86 90 to get rear disc brakes - the only issue was that the brake system on the 90 was imperial theads and the caliper on the axle was metric so I made up a crossover pipe to suit.

But really I do not know why I bothered as the braking was no better than with the drums

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Any 200 TDi axle will go on without mod (1989-1994). Later discos had a rubber donut on the prop and you would have to change the pinion flange as well to make it fit (but still easier than converting your axle)

i dont suppose you know which flange to go for we just mangled the disco one off the axle but a defender 4 bolt jobby doesnt have the correct depth as the disco one

or is there a spacer that goes in its place



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