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Td5 - small coolant leak ?


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I have a 2001 Td5 with 190K on the clock and it is losing a small amount of coolant .

When I look down behind the air con compressor there is a small area of damp near the base of the centrifugal filter housing .

But I wonder if the leak is coming from somewhere else as I can't see any anything at that point which would have coolant going through it ????

Any ideas /suggestions welcome .

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First guess as its a common place is just behind the centre of the exhaust manifold on the cylinder head......there is a large 1" dia plug with an allen key type head.

Common place and not to bad to remove and clean/reseal and replace.

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There is a part attached to the head which looks like a manifold but of course the manifold is on the other side . Seems to be a little coolant seeping from under this at one end .

Will see if I can find a pic of the engine and maybe identify this part .

Haven't managed to se the large diameter plug yet but will keep looking .

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