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How much and where to trim.


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I've put some 265/75 insa turbo's on my 5door disco, I've done the camel cut and been off road in it once. Obviously I need to take more off. I've ordered some flexi wheel arches, there on there way. I'm getting the grinder out before tomorrows outing but don't want to take too much/not enough off.

Is there a line on the body work you follow? or a measurement?

Apologies if it's been covered, just after some tips. :blink:

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Discovery_3_door_flares.pdfIf you buy the arches from a reputable source then they'll come with fitting instructions.

I fitted a set of four fibre glass arches to my 3 door Discovery two years ago and all was well. They came with full instructions and diagrams.

Since fitting the fibre glass ones I've had a dissagrement with a Toyota Landcruiser which meant purchasing a full new set. I wasn't too chuffed with the brittle nature of the fibre glass ones so this time I opted for the unbreakable ARB plastic type avaialble from Britpart. They also arrived with fitting instructions but had it not been for the my previous experiance I think the fitment would not have been so straight forward.

The car is currently in the body shop having the side resprayed and two new arches fitted but if you need photo's etc then I can email you when I get the car back.

The fronts are straight forward enough but the rear doors in your case need more attention.....so measure twice and cut once.

Another thing I found with these arches is that the inner wing plastic trim might need fettling to make the inner arch more resiliant to water and mud ingress.

The PDF fitting instructions I have are for the 3 door. Hope this helps a little.

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Thank's for reply's.

Right, I've been offroad today @ Kirton and had maximum articulation (See pic)... Before I went I was convinced I NEEDED an extended arch kit. Now, I'm not convinced. Refering to the pic again I had minimal rubbing, not enough to warrant an arch kit anyway.

I was going to put an extended arch kit on plus wheel spacers, I'm now going to trim a smidge more of the rear arches and save myseld 300 quid :blink: Them flexi arches kits way too exspensive for what they are.



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Just noticed in a mag yesterday that M&M4x4 are selling the flexi arches for 95 quid. Thats quite good should you have to reconsider.

IMHO it's better to have no rubbing at all......I wouldn't want to run the risk of either shredding a side wall or perhaps even rearranging the panels.

Much would probably depend on the speed at which you reached full compression...at slower speeds you might be able to control the effects of bottoming out.

Good luck.



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