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Defender Value?


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Hi fellas, can you lot help me put a price on my Defender please....

1992 'J' 200TDi Truck cab pickup

265/75-16 BFG Mud terrains (loads of tread)

Black modular wheels

Performance intercooler, tweaked pump

Silicone hoses & stainless pipes

1/1.5" lift using monroe dampers and unknown springs

30mm wheel spacers all round

new td5 front bumper

whitbread offroad external rollcage with mounts for ground anchor & CB & waffles

towbar & twin electrics

crystal headlights

led bulbs in stop/tail lights

rock/tree sliders

front and rear diff guards

Loads of work done recently including brand new injection pump, new starter motor, new front and rear brake pads/shoes, new td5 transmission brake, new washer motor and plenty more.

In generally good condition, has seat covers on seats, is pretty clean inside and out and mechanically sound. Chassis is sound, everything works - i was lead to believe it has has had a new gearbox about 18months ago too.

So - the big question, what is she worth???

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Not selling are you SMO???

Very difficult to value especially with a huge drop in 2nd hand car prices...- the extras will not add anywhere near what they cost as well :(

I have the same issue with 'valuing' mine (for insurance purposes)- it is worth far more to me than anyone would ever pay...

my guess is between £3000 - £4000 depending on where you sell it, they seem to be going to cheaply to me, the hardest bit is finding a buyer with enough money at the moment, sounds like a nice truck, good luck

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that is what poeple will compare it with because people do not see the extras as valuable as they cost you, i know yours is better as it is not a conversion engine and it is cleaner and tidier with the extras but for £1300 that other one is quite cheap, cheers

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I had the same dilemma before buying mine, and its so subjective that only you know the answer.

I paid £2K for a 91 110CSW, which looked like a lot compared to some prices I saw, but it has been undersealed from new and was pretty unmolested, until I got my hands on it.



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Got to sell it Si, i've been made redundant and its either this or the d-lander becomes a risk and having spent so much time working on her i dont want to start removing parts before i even finish.

Crazyfarmerboy - do you really think that much????

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yes i think it should be worth atleast £3000 if you advertise well, internet advertising is not always best because people who look online have other prices they can quickly look up, i find the best way to sell things is put it out the front of the house with a for sale sign on it, seems to generate interest if you live on a busy enough road, i sold a car in 2 days last week after having it out front, just an idea, good luck with selling, and at the last stick it on ebay, land rovers seem cheaper on autotrader than ebay,

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My 200 tdi with a galvy chassis,gwyn lewis kit etc went for £3500 back in the summer.

Ebay it with a sensible reserve. But i'd say 2.5-3K Get loads of pics, clean it thoroughly throughout, give as much info as poss. Can the cage be removed easily? Puts some off, not others. All school boy stuff but you must attract a limited audience so it needs to be the best.

It's worth what somones willing to pay as has already been said. Good luck.

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