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90 Wheel Bearing

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Hi All!

Got back from Donnongton park Today(2hrs each way), to discover a shot wheel bearing and uj!!!!

so i found an old prop i had laying around(as you do lol) and bodged my uj up lol!, i have greased it but it was very worn (205k)

No such luck for the wheel bearing, gave the wheel a good wobble! and it does have play in it!! and it sqeaks when driving

so firstly can i limp it around for a while???

and should i buy a bearing kit, or individual bits??

and best place paddock??

Thanks all


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Discovered one on way out in my CSW today. Ordered from Paddocks today and chose Timken bearings over cheapies. Also ordered substitute lock nuts etc as TD5s use spacers and stake nuts which are a PITA.

Don't drive far, siezed bearing, screwed up stub axle and potential damage to brakes will be a lot more grief and expense.

Don't forget to order a new hub seal, tab washer and flange gasket as well.

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Jack the wheel off the ground and spin it. If it rumbles, then it's shot and you won't be able to adjust it up. If it's squealing, then it sounds like it's dry and not far off friction-welding the inner race to the stub axle (if it hasn't already). A wobbling wheel will push the caliper pistons back in and will affect braking performance.


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