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ok, so one of the things my 110 failed its MOT on was that -

-rear brake application uneven

-rear brakes release unevenly

-offside rear brake juddering severly.

it was also noted in the advisories that the brake pedal had a long travel.

ok so ive bled the brakes all round, which seems to have decreased the travel a bit and it now brakes in a straight line - with no hands (in a clear space and no people/cars about) on the wheel.

however - there is a bad judder/vibrations at about 35-40 mph which wasnt there before. <_<

is this brake related or coincidental? is this a sign that the rear brakes are binding and need de-adjusting slightly? if so what technique is used ? i lock up the drums and then slacken off both adjusters a little till the wheel rotates freely - is this correct??

have you got any tips for taking off the drums? i slacken off the adjusters so that wheel rotates freely and then undo the grub screw and hit and use a screw driver or pointy thing till it gives up and comes off, but this took aaaaaaages - so is there an easier way?

i could only get one drum casing off, offside, and that looked good in there. i.e. no leaking brake fluid, good even contact off the pads - as far as i could tell!

the nearside wouldnt budge :angry: so im going to try again tomorrow!

so any advise in solving this judder is welcome, im guessing that the rear brakes needed adjusting to solve the application/releasing issue.

thanks in advance :)


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You do need to get both sides off to be sure. Usually good solid belts of a copper mallet suffices but on occaision on rears I've used a 5/16UNC (I think) bolt to remove rear drums, there should be a threaded hole in the drum.

Juddering would be down to a shoe dragging or contamination. The latter is obvious but also check you haven't got a broken spring or one on wrong. Could also be a piston sticking leaving shoe in contact.

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ok, still got a problem! :( the juddering has gone :) but there is still a vibrations at about 35-45 mph, could be flat spotted tyres, from locking up when i test the brakes? i think i may have been a bit over exuberant!

the brakes all seem fine, and it brakes nice and straight.

the UJ's are ok and there is no play/or none i can see.

any helps is appreciated :)


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Doubt whether you flat spotted tyres. The vibration is probably prop related, you may not be able to see it on the vehicle if it's only just started to go, will be obvious if taken off. Does it get worse under load or is it constant?

You could also have a wheel badly out of balance.

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thanks for your help sean :)

i was thinking it could be prop related, it did mention on the advisors that the rear UJ on the front prop was a bit loose/worn, but i couldnt see/feel movement when i went for a look today. - is there a technique to check this.

i guess i could check to see if any of the balance weights on the wheels have gone astray! didnt think of that! thank you :)

cheers jase :)

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