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Your First event


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After a mention by Jase that Ruggerton was his first winch challenge

I have been trying hard to recall mine

The first I can really remember is one at Axminster, then another there where is was Christmas and a two car team event when Maurice and I teamed up but with only one co driver The good Mrs C working for both of us.

I'm pretty Sure Paul challis was the organiser.


this if I remeber correcty was the car as it stood that day.

But it seems such a distant memory now days.

So what was yours and what do you remember of it?

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First off road event I competed in (as opposed to play days) was a CCV trial with Pennine LRC around 1992. Prior to that I'd spent a few years messing around at P&P days but not competed.

It wasn't until 2001 that I did my first challenge event (the Bulldog Trophy), should have been Ireland but foot and mouth put paid to that. There's a write up of the event and pictures here...


It was a bit of a voyage of discovery as the friend who had persuaded me to have a go at challenges (Steve Maddison) had been killed at the end of 2000. I was determined to have a go anyway although without his guidance we were pretty clueless as to what a challenge event actually was !

that was the year of the Optima challenge series when the Off Road TV programme was filmed. At one point they were doing a piece to camera as Brian was explaining how all the vehicles were short wheelbases... just as Matthew came crashing through the trees behind him in the full length 110 :)

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My first event was a RTV at (i think) holymoorside near chesterfield in about 1989,was before i could drive legally on the road and in a borrowed series 2.Did carp :rolleyes: .My first big challenge event was the bulldog trophy at morebattle in 2004,and have been hooked(and skint) ever since

Paul :huh:

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The 4x4 Adventures Daily Driver Challenge on the 29th of September, 2007 was my first proper off road event. Loads of encouragement, loads of help and advice, no one taking the mick out of a complete novice.

I'd waited 2 years looking for something even slightly like that, thinking the offroading scene was dead in the Southwest, with a rather dull drive round a farm track on ATs being my only previous off road experience. Then I found it and since then it's been pretty much an off road event of one kind of another every 2 months, brilliant stuff.

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my first one was at newnham park RTV i was only sat navagating but it took me 6 months to sort my 90 out for RTVs the first one i drove was at wye&welsh's baskaville challange i almost rolled on the second section but carryed one and think i cam 38thish out of 70 so i was pleased.

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actually, i take it back!

my first event was a club offroad driving day at bala, at the time i had a 90 with a disco 200tdi in and a milemarker, mtrs and on the way down the radiator decided to discard its fins, which left us driving back up to cumbria at 40mph, good day though!

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Night (Off Road) road rally around Cornwall and Devon lanes in a 2.5d 90 of my brothers I was driving he was navigating.

We finished 8th but if we hadn't dropped the last check point because we thought we were so far behind we would have been 3rd <_< brains over brawn all the big V8's we were completing against kept getting lost were as Ali's navigation was spot on..

That was the event where at about 4am I slammed into a stone wall on knocked my brother out as he was reading the map at the time :unsure:

I think that was around 95-6 ish

Gavin of SCOR talked us into competing so he is responsible for starting me off competing and I’ve loved every minuet since. Even if I have had a few hiccups on the way.. :P Ironically it was Gavin that got the racer started while I was at drivers briefing after she refused to start at scrutineering on Sunday

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first proper challenge event was the first TFC after it moved from argyle in a full size 90 van on 33's & no cage

first competion event was about 3 weeks after passing my driving test in my dads 110 station wagon with a full size roofrack, that was a handfull offroad os it always felt rather top heavy

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"Lost In Frost" 2005, I was codriver in original daihatsu rocky.


Our racer at front. Stock daihatsu rocky 2.8TD with stock studded tires, only accessory was toyota pto winch. At the back is Margus Peets with UniJeebik, proto-class :)

We drove ~200km to the race, then 24hours of racing and back home. Few times we winched downhill because there were so much snow :) First and only podium place, there were only 3 participants in original class and we came second :D

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My first event was Comping with a mate.

My mate bought a comp motor and we took it to Arena Essex.

Before the event the motor ran perfectly and we were ready.

First thing we walked the course and became a bit worried.

As we patiently awaited our start time (we had decided to start near the back of our group),

we put on our helmets,

tightened our seat belts

and waited,

as the vehicle we chose to start behind went to the start line my mate hit the starter button,

nothing happened, :blink:

not even a click. :o

I looked at my mate, he looked at me and we both screamed at each other in panic.

Off came the helmets,

Off came the seatbelts.

Out came the tools and off came the dash to find the wire that had fallen off.

We got to the start line just in time.

100 yards down the course my mate says he has to stop as he is going to throw up!

I just laughed as I thought he was kidding.

Half way round the course we came to a steep hill with a u turn on it. We got stuck at 90 degrees to the vertical and had to turn down hill to get free (this is against everything I had learnt about off road driving).

After this event we never bothered to walk the course again as it only caused concern.

Things got better from then on.


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The first I can really remember is one at Axminster, then another there where is was Christmas and a two car team event when Maurice and I teamed up but with only one co driver The good Mrs C working for both of us.


And Mrs. C. did a marvellous job that day, Tony :) Having to cover for Stu as well because of his liquid poos ! IIRC I got a case of beer for furthest travelled :D

I can't remember my first event but it would have been around that time, the first forum Slindon do with Mark90 organised by Paul Wightman or a club event, I can't remember ! But they were all good :) Even though I'm rubbish at them :) So rubbish in fact that it took until last October to win a shiney (for 3rd) at Tring :D


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Thinking about it the event above is the first one I ever drove in but I pited for the banyards once or twice when I was first driving and Paul and keith won the British beating the Simmonites in their old car...I was seventeen and my mate was a trainee plant fitter we would turn up in his site service van and help out best we could.

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