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cargo nets

orange rover

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looking for a cargo net for the (soon to be) trayback to fix things on the back. rather than a net made of strings, i would look for something made of webbing and should be rather strong. idea would be to attach it on the tray behind the cab put stuff on the tray, pull over the net and than strap down the net with rachet straps using hooks to attach to net.

any ideas where i can get something like that - military surplus maybe. remember i saw something that would fit the bill in some james bond movie :rolleyes:

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Do you mean this?

Available from Devon 4 x 4 HERE

Hope that helps



concerning the type of net - thats what i'm looking for. but the devon nets are too small - i'm looking at 1,5 x 2.5 m

what I'm looking for is the type of cargo net shown in 007 - "The living daylights", the net that is dangling out of the flying cargo plane and bond and his russian opponent hanging onto it trying to push each other off. that would be perfect!

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