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Running brake lines

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Pretty much done on the majority of the fun bits on my current build.

Want to run the front brake pipes round now, does anyone know where I might find a picture of how they run?

got the workshop manual and it's no help...

Am I right that to assume that the left hand pipe runs to a T connector, this is the same T connector that the right hand pipe runs to, and then one pipe runs up to the master.

And on rear, from the hose that goes down to the rear axle, does this run all the way to the master, or does it have a connector involved some where?

Will post a photo of it.

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On the front theres a T-piece on top of the O/S chassis rail as you say. Short run to the O/S wheel, and a longer run to the N/S. You don't have to follow the manufacturers pipe route - just make sure the pipe doesn't rub or vibrate against anything and that it's secured every 18-inches or so.

Rear pipe runs from the flexi hose and goes along the O/S chassis rail - straight to the Master cylinder. You can join it if you like/want to make it easier. If I replace the front-to-rear pipe - I feed it in from under the bonnet, guiding it around brackets, etc, and attach it to the hose first, then work towards the front - shaping it and securing it as I go.


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on a 110 [mine] the front pipes run

Left Front --- from master cylinder along bulkhead down left inner wing along chassis to left caliper

Right Front --- from master cylinder down bulkhead to chassis then to caliper

rear brakes from master cylinder down bulkhead along right chassis rail to rear flexy hose to a Tpiece then along axle cast to each rear wheel cylinder.

all are cobnnected to from the pressure differential warning actuator mounted on the engine side of the right footwell vertical panel.

hth :D

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I will give it a go, western, what is your 110?

As im building a 300tdi spec 110.

Attached is a picture (this was sat afternoon) Will upload one when i've done the front lines.

It sounds more sensible to run the front ones from the master down to the T piece, and then along, but it's strange why they changed it to being one pipe down to a T piece.

Does it matter if I stick a join in lets say from the bulkhead, down to the rear pipe?


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Here you go, just fitted my rear breather pipe, so at the same time I took some snaps.

Had to tap the rear axle breather hole so I could fit a larger modified union in.

Anyhow, some pictures. (oh, it's not my so called art on the wall)

The red calipers are a bit too red, but oh well




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God man turn the volume down on those calipers, hurting my eyes with the green pads :rofl: certainly a colourfull chassis,

wish I had a workspace as big as yours :i'm so happy:

piping on rear axle loks good, just need to secure the pipes & prevent any rubbing by sliding a short length of silicone hose slit along it length between the pipe & any clips.

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tomorrow is another day...

oh, I forgot to add, santa claws gave me the calipers....

What an artist that Sana is! A real "bling"!! Perfectly well done job!! Space is something I wish I could buy!! Brake pipes need securing as Ralph said!! :o

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Blue pipes, orange bump-stops, yellow shocks, red calipers, green pads, mustard suspension components - it's a good job it's all underneath! ;)

I'm only jealous - everything on mine is a kind of oily rust colour :lol:


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Super clean build!

Are they Gwyn's turrets?

Any reason you've not gone for the challenge ones with the relocation cone built in?

They are the challenger ones, you just can't see the cone built in as they are all black...

yeah yeah it's all a bit bling... (Damm I should have painted that chassis pink)

I got black Zu Rimms going on so you might just see the calipers as they pass ;)

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