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Winch Anchor: need help

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Thank's guys that beach anchor looks very similar but:

It lacks the spring and joint mechanism which my anchor has. Where you see the spring in my anchor the shaft is not continuous and breaks at an angle when pushed with some force. Any idea what that is for?

I was told it was a winch anchor......maybe I was cheated after all. :(

Thanks for your help

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I think the spring is to dampen the shocks induced by the waves in the anchor line - on the principle: if it bends, it's harder to brake (loose).

Shove those pics on a boating forum in your country or on www.sailnet.com, maybe someone knows more about who makes it.

And check maybe there's something written/engraved on one of anchor components or the carrying bag, a code, a name, anything and search for that word.

The closest thing I know of that works on the same principle and calls itself a recovery ground anchor is this one (watch the movies): http://www.lan-cor.com./vehicle-recovery-in-action

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Hi Santiago,

I know what the ground anchor in the photos is. It is called a Terra Grip. It is not made any more, too heavy, too many moving parts and too big to carry. Never really caught on. It works by screwing it in to the ground down to the knuckle which is covered by the spring. You then fold it at the knuckle so the top half is lying flat on the ground and pointing at the stranded vehicle. The cross bar at the top, that you used to screw it in, is also lying flat on the ground so you pick it up a little and slide the plates on each end and fasten then so they are hanging down and sloped forward slightly. The winch hook is attached to the steel loop, near the top, and the idea is when you start winching the blades are pushed down into the ground giving grip together with the auger part. Like I said it never really caught on and was too expensive.

That Lan-cor looks a lot simpler. What are you guys thoughts on that one.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Milsiey,

That sounds like THE answer to my question. Thanks a lot.

Very clear explanation on how to use it by the way.

Do you know:

a) where it was made?

B) for how long (or at least until when)?

c) how much did it cost/does it cost. (mine is new and I may sell it)

Thanks again

Cheers from Mendoza


PS: it was interesting to see the different answers I got for the same question: 1) boat anchor, 2) "dog anchor" 3) portable shooting target (US forum) and, finally: 4) Terra Grip

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It was made in New Zealand. Stopped production about 7 yrs ago. Not many sold I beleive. Cost about $NZ800, UK280.

The one you have doesn't look like an original though. They were painted yellow and red, the plates were a different shape, and that auger blade would be hard to screw in to the ground. The original had a tapered auger, much easier to screw in. I would say yours is a copy. I'm afraid it never really worked very well, not enough grip in sand, or soft ground and mud. You may be happy with it though.


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Santiago, your anchor has some similarities with the Terragrip, but, as you can see HERE (you won't get all the pics), the Terragrip:

- was much thicker/stronger

- it was painted, not galvanized (boat anchors are galvanized)

- the nuckle/pivot was much closer to the handle and didn't have a spring

- the spades were triangular(ish) in shape

- the auger screwing bit was longer

Someone on the net said he recalls Terragrip was made by a boating/anchor company. Whether your anchor is a copy sharing some of the Terragrip design or actualy made by the same company for a different poupose, I don't know. They probably named the Terragrip a LAND anchor as beeing the opposite to a SEA anchor. The anchors used for vehicle recovery are usually named GROUND anchors.

As already said the whole thing looks too flimsy. I'd say you can't get more than 500 kg of pulling power from it without braking/bending the anchor. And to really have the spades pushing/digging into the ground the winch line has to be almost parallel with the ground and you won't be able to fulfill this requirement if you won't be able to screw the anchor far enough from the vehicle or if the terrain configuration won't permit that.

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