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i thnk i've messed up big time


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:angry: just tried earthing out my abs to turn out the light, I now have a flashing engine warning light. I new there was supposed to be a flashing light but i thought this would be the abs light, has everthing gone wrong????? I need to know other wise the wedding off and i'm in the do do with the other half, as its need the old mot and i'm taking the skis to Austria. help where did i go wrong earth it out on the brake pedal switch :(
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The fault diagnosis for the Range Rover ABS system (which I believe is the same) is in the Technical Archive. Have a read through and see what you can deduce. When using the process on my old Range Rover, we earthed the correct pin to the chassis using a test-wire and the ABS light flashed.

I remember it was the ABS light because I had to put the bulb back in :ph34r: to do it!!!

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You couldn't find this?


Start with the index, search in page for 'ABS' -there's only 3 links.

ok got the link cheers am but not sure on the wiring have taken out the relay and the light goes out on the notes its says it should stay on? also wiring the diagnostic connector do i wire up the four wires black/pink white/pink both to the ecu and then connect them to earth :unsure: but still worried what to do as the light goes out when the relay is taken off ????any ideas

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