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Fire extinguishers


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I've currently got a 1kg powder extinguisher in the 90, but in order to compete in the Challenger series, I'm going to need either an AFFF or Zero 2000 hand held one (minumum 1.75l and 2.25l respectively).

Having had a search around, i've found very few references to them on here. The two I have found have pointed me to ebay which currently lists 0 at the moment when you search for AFFF ones. There are loads of extinguishers, but most are plain foam, or powder ones...

I have found them on a couple of other websites like Demon Tweeks, but am wondering if anyone has any other ideas as they seem a little expensive.

Don't get me wrong, I put a high value on my, my co-drivers and fellow competitors lives, but I am still a tight git at heart and would like to explore more avenues than the first one I come across...

Also, what have you got and how have you mounted it?? I'm thinking that below the join between the rear bulkhead and the truck cab is probably best, but am always open to other ideas...



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This will do for the regs:


It needs to be mounted so that either occupant can reach it and deploy it while wearing a seat belt or harness as appropriate. Having it behind you doesn't normally fit the bill but you may be able to reach it, depends on seats and how agile you are :)

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Ok. Thanks for the replies.

Next silly question... do all foam extinguishers contain the same stuff?? There seems to be a big difference in price. One site referenced offers 2ltr AFFF for £25 and another shows 1.75ltr for £54... Are they actually different, or is one company taking the p#ss?

I have a little experience with fire extinguishers, but not enough to know the answer and most sites don't give explanations, just size and price...

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I agree that AFFF is not the best to use on a car fire - I would not carry one by choice. Take a lead from the Hazard Haulage guys who have 4kg Dry Powder Extings in the Cab - by Law. More versatile and faster knockdown than AFFF. Dont get hung up on any differences between Foam and AFFF - all kitemark exting's are AFFF just some sellers are sloppy and just say Foam. And yes some do take the p*** on price. If you want to match F1 performance the choice is Monnex Dry Powder but it's not available in small cannisters so weight wise not so good for competition. Find the 2Lt AFFF here

and the Monnex here

Tony R

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Get the largest you can as no point having one run out before the firs is out

this happened on the Belguim National when a Disco V8 caught fire trying to use his winch.

If Jay didn't come to his rescue he would have stood back and watched it burn when his tiny extinguisher packed up after

just a few seconds

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The problem with the MSA regs as I understand them is that the extinguishers aren't there to put out the fire, they are there to allow the occupants time to escape. Like others, I used to carry a Halon extinguisher to put fires out and AFFF to get through scrutineering. Currently I have 2 powder extinguishers as I'm not doing any events that require extinguishers at the moment so can leave the AFFF at home..

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