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Paddock's adjustable panhard rod


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have anybody experience with paddock' adjustable panhard rod? Friend of mine bought one and he found out that it seems to be too short...

To achieve at least standard lenght you must unscrew bracket to position that only about 1.5cm of thread is used( of 6cm). To compensate lift( which is smothing what is made for) you have unscrew it almost completly.

Thank you

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OK, so situation is oposite than i previously described...

Yesterday we were together with friend in garage and thinking and measuring how to mount new rod in place...

To compensate lift you have to shorten panhard rod which is oposite to my previous thoughts. So in this area is it OK. But there is still something we are not satified with.

Adjustable end have so short thread that when we were trying to adjust rod to position where is no play in thread we had to screw it in so long that axle started to stick out on the other side of car :o

For me it means that is not heavy duty enough for our purpose :) because thread is weak point.

Are there any manufacturer who have really HD adjustable panhard rods?

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Why not use the standard panhard rod and raise the mounting point off the axle to compensate for the lift. You get much better handling that way as lengthening the panhard rod inevitably leads to handling issues because the axle moves more as the suspension moves. Moving the panhard rod axle mount upwards retains the designed steering geometry.

You need to lengthen the rod to compensate for lift BTW, not shorten it. As the axle moves away from the chassis it moves sideways towards the steering box, the longer the rod the more it will move sideways so the more you'll feel the effect in the steering when you hit a bump.

How much lift have you got ? An extended/adjustable panhard rod will only be able to compensate for a few inches.

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