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What do you use for storing tyres


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Yes it is but probably not well drafted. Try "how do you make wheels secure if let outside?"

If I assume they will be in the garden then start by screwing in two of those screw eyes used for tethering dogs and pass a chain through them. Place some 4x2 blocks on the ground and stack the tyres on them. Pass the chain up through the stack and padlock. Cover the whole stack with black polythene used as damp proof membrane and wrap it up nicely.

Get told by her indoors that that monstrosity has to go.

Start a new plan.


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just tell her --- it's a modern art garden feature/bird table.

:unsure: What a strange table that is! neighbours will start calling the police to inform them of a bomb placed outside your house!! In my garage they take so much space so I dedicated a corner and 8 tyres are piled up to the roof in a corner! Tyres for defender and for the mercedes! (mercedes is my other half's car- I have no interest in that) :huh:

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