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Sliding latch thingy

Steve Warman

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I'm trying to find some latches that have a sliding, rotating end but can't figure out what theywould be called.

The best description i can come up with would be that something slides onto the latch and the end of the latch then has section that rotates to form a 'T' shape to stop whatever has been slid on can't come off.

To get the whatever off the latch you then have to rotate the end again so the whole latch is in line.

Any body got any idea what they;re actually called??



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Why do you know this is important?

The latches jumped open on my trailer.

1. The whole load I was taking to the dump scattered across the road.

2. The tailgate is removable by sliding it sideways when open...so it also went across the road and destroyed all the lights.


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