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Hmm my diesel engine doesnt look like the 2.25?


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Hi guys,

I've been looking at pics of the 2.25 diesel to see if there should be a hose to the heater matrix (in engine bay) and my engine doesnt look like a 2.25...

I think it's a perkins because it doesnt rev very highly and takes a while to start (cranks over alot), but always starts in the end, the most common o the forums seem to be 4203 or 4236's. Do they not have glowplugs? I cant see any...

Is there any way of identifying what engine i have in my series 111? I will post some photos tomorrow it looks large whatever it is.

Cheers guys


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Post pictures, if its a perky it will most likey be a 4-203 as that was a recognised conversion with a comercial kit available. Is the inlet manifold on the right, 2 leg fabricated exhaust manifold on the left with a 3 bolt blanking plate for each cylinder on the exhaust manifold face of the head, injection pump on the left of the block bolted to the rear of the timing case? = 4-203.

The 4-236 was only available with a kit to fit in RR.

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When you say left and right do you mean as your looking at it or from the drivers seat point of view?

As you look at it the exhaust manifold is on the right (and it's blowing on cylinder 4 (nearest bulkhead)), inlet is on the left are these blanking plates oval shaped? And yes there is one for each cylinder.

Sounds quite nice for a big old diesel and doesnt smoke anymore now its been running a bit!

It cranks over alot before it starts, and the charge light is on, the negative lead has come out of the battery terminal (stuffed half the wire back in tube) would the loose connection cause bad starting and charging??

Downpipe is rusted and blowing also would my local garage be able to fabricate a new one?


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Thats a 4-203.

The injector pump has a hydraulic governor so if you have a fuel filter that is giving fuel starvation the engine revs will rise of their own accord, as it needs the fuel transfer pressure in the injector pump body to shut the revs down. The thermostart unit in the inlet manifold should be fed from a small diesel header tank that is mounted higher than the engine and the fuel supply for it is the return to tank line passing thro, connections, bottom to thermostart, lower side feed from return line, upper side return line to tank.

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