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P38 horrible noise vibration


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Hope this is useful to someone.

I have a P38 which all of a sudden started to make a horrendous vibration / noise coming from the dash or so it seamed. It was difficult to pin down quite where the noise was coming from as it would start about 70 mph and got increasingly louder as the speed increased. (Sort of makes sense now but at the time I looked everywhere but outside of the vehicle)

To cut a long story short the source of the noise came from the plastic strip which runs across the top of the windscreen, the wind pressure started to lift the edge which seals against the windscreen.

I plan to replace the trim later but a strip of silicon and refitting the trim has done the trick.

The trim is relative easy to remove though you will need to buy a new set of clips as it’s almost impossible to remove without breaking some of them, luckily they are not expensive.

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