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Anybody welded up a diff?


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I always get cross axled in the old series 3. Has anybody welded up a diff to act as a budget locker, if you like? The vehicle is never going to go on the road again.


yes. I have welded the front diff in the mod my friends run. we've left the rear open as he has fiddles.

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the first one i did was nackered had no teeth left welded it with my arc welder set on full (300amp) melted all the center into one lump them put the broken teeth back in and welded them in he blow the crown wheel and pinon on that one

this one hadnt broke so just welded it all up put some old bolts in as some more metal the pinon bearings gave out

3rd and 4th are still going one in each of his RR's

ark isn't best as the flux is a problem. but a friend welded his diff with a 250amp mig and he was alwes taking it back out to reweld it but that could have been how he welded it not with what

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Guest noggy

you will find that also in the landrover when you weld the diff, because in effect your dragging a wheel over the ground.

in tractors (depending on what you have) diff lock generally locks the rear and the front so steering becomes even more difficult.

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