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Green Laneing


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Hi all again want to go green laning for the first time :unsure: . Is there anyone from cheshire who can tell me where i can find an easy one . I would also be gratefull if someone would come with me to help show me the ropes :rolleyes: . many thanks and hope to make some friends along the way

thanks Paul B)

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Welcome Paul.

Do you have any previous experience of 'green laneing'?

There are several organisations that can help you find out where to go and with whom.

Apart from local clubs - http://www.cheshirelandroverclub.org/ , Lancashire and Cheshire Rover Owners Club - http://www.rovertorque.com/ , in your area, you might consider joining GLASS - http://www.glass-uk.org/ and or CRAG - http://www.crag-uk.org/ who are national organisations dedicated to the preservation of 'green lanes' and their proper considered use under a code of ethics aimed at minimising damage and maintaining the ethics of the country code. Many of their members give time and money helping with the upkeep where permitted.

Hopefully members on here local to you will be able to advise further.


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hi paul

were abouts are you in cheshire i'm in hartford near northwich

any help you need will be able to help you give me a shout

the best club in cheshire is the GLASS lot, i use to go but now working at the wrong times to go, they are a very welcoming bunch and there are alot of people that will go out an help you along the way i can put you in contact with someone if thats any good failing that brian will help as much as he can

if you still have no luck let me know

and welcome along :)


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