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MOT Advice "surface corrosion to Bellows on EAS"


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Hi Guys

I have just got a range rover P38 2.5 DSE Auto (2000 V plate)

It passed the MOT but the advice note (that I have just found) says that:

- Offside front anti-roll bar linkage has slight play in ball joint

- Nearside Drag link end ball joint has slight play

- Centre exhaust minor leak of gases

- Surface perishing to all four air suspension bellows

First question is, how serious, second question is how much!



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Do you intend to do all the repairs?

If they were bad he would have failed it so on that basis they do not need doing yet.

I would get your garage to check them on the next service. If you are going to do your own servicing then you can inspect them yourself and make a decision at each service.

If you are not familiar with these things then I would get the drag link looked at as that is the one item that will cause real grief if it fails.


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Do yourself a favour and sort the exhaust or at the very least check where the leak is, they have a habit of failing on top of the silencer where the hot gasses slowly melt through the plastic pipes for the rear air suspension. This, in turn, leads to the compressor burning out due to it having to run all the time to compensate. It's one of those things that will be a LOT cheaper to fix in the short term than it will be if you leave it.

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Thanks for the info guys!

I don't intend to do the repairs myself.

I'll get the drag link and the exhaust sorted - I assume that these are not that expensive from the comments.

I had a look at replacing the EAS to coil springs - is this the way forward?

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I had a look at replacing the EAS to coil springs - is this the way forward?

Not in my book, just sell it and get a Disco if you don't want a luxury car. The EAS was fitted for very good reasons, ditching one of the main design features of the vehicle is just daft as far as I'm concerned.

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All those 'repairs' are easy fixes doable on you're drive.

Your airsprings may already be leaking, putting extra strain on the compressor, causing it to

run too much and wearing it out.

Check the exhaust as above.

Lots of good info on www.rangerovers.net

Britpart airsprings are actually dunlop ones, same as original.

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