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extending hoses


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ive currently put a 200tdi in my series,ive use the same rad,oil cooler and intercooler combined from the disco,just had the intercooler outlets modified and the bottom rad outlet cut and bent , because of the steering linkage.

because of this non of the original hoses fit ie all water oil cooler and intercooler.

does any body know who sells lengths of silicone hose and who will make an oilcooler hose???? i'm in the north west area

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Take the original oil cooler hose and an idea of what you now need into your local hydraulics place and ask them to make one up.

The hose needs to be oil resistant, but apart from that, it's not overly high pressure, so it should be do-able from off-the-shelf parts.

I have a good local place that react nicely when you talk about paper with the queen's head on... :D

For Silicon hoses, try a search on ebay of google. There are loads of places that offer a wide variety of sizes and pre-formed bends along with any connectors/reducers yo may need. Not exactly cheap, though.

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post picture up of the engine in the vehicle with the front pannel fitted as a first off.

you cant have mounted the radiator in a logical way, when i did mine the oil cooler pipes fitted just requiring a slight bend to the metal tubes. The intercooler i fitted was from a 300 tdi and didnt need the outlets modified and neiter did the rad.

all the hoses i used were old disco ones chopped and joined. the inter cooler hoses were just standard disco pipes cut and joined but with the turbo comp cover rotated so the outlet pointed upwards.

lro did a how to fit a 200 tdi to a series, get a copy, its very helpful.

also for hoses and jointers i use merlin motorsport

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You beat me to it Paul , Pirtek are proffesional at one thing , Pulling yer trousers and yer pants right down , I bought a 10,000 psi gauge of them this week as my usual place didnt have one on the shelf , Pirtek charged £54 , My local supplier £ 15 , Now theres the differnce .

Ive just modded my cooler pipes using 1/2" pipe and BSP fittings .


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working as a heavy plant fitter,we refer to pirtek as gold plated,had to use them a little while ago in a town i wasn,t familiar with,they didn,t have what i needed,so i say can i borrow your yellow pages please,why came the reply,so i can find another local hydraulic place so i can the machine running say i,oh no can,t do that,it is against company policy came the reply.the rest of the conversation is unprintable!!!!!!!they have the habit too of for example,hose is 1.2 meters long,charging for 2 meters of hose.

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