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Gearing the perkins


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The engine in my 1974 series 3 is a perkins 4.203 it's a restoration project at the moment and i've got until june to finish it.

To get up to any decent speed will i need to swap some axles/diffs and install an overdrive? Ive read on some forums about salisbury axles from 109's and rr diffs etc but the posts were confusing and contardicting!

I dont know what is on the landy at the moment, where on the boxes would i find gearbox/transfer box/axle/diff codes?

Also where on the engine will i find the engine code that will confirm it's a 4.203??

Cheers guys

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It's a 'big penny' solution, but as it's a 'restoration' you are doing you get the benefit of a lot of new parts.

Go to LRSeries and ask them for a pair of their NOS (ex-MOD) axles, re-configured by LR Series to have Range Rover differentials and whatever brakes you want on them.

As I say, the cost seems expensive when seen as one lump, but you get all new brakes with no faffing about.

Some of your existing stuff may be saleable, but I have no idea how much you get for it.

You say "I'm quite ignorant about drivetrain/transmission stuff!". Are you certain you know what you are getting with the Perkins 4.203 in a Series 3?

I'm not voting for or against you going this route, it's your choice; I'm just querying a possible conflict in your statements.

A friend is going the same Perkins / RR diff route in his Series 2, but he's run the Perkins before so at least the engine characteristics are a known quantity. He is doing the LRSeries bit, which is how I know of the option, which I HOPE is transferable to a Series 3 configuration.

Good Luck

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Ok thanks will chech that out!

I bought this series 3 under the assumption it had the original 2 1/4 diesel as it was a non runner and the previous owners didnt specify, it came with the perkins and will probably stay with it!

If things do go wrong though i will put a 200di lump in it.



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