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2.5na Price?

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My first post in our plush new e-surroundings...

I'll soon be fitting a 200tdi to my 2.5NA 90, and so the old engine will be up for sale. It was reconditioned by Turners a few years back, and is nicely run in and in top condition. What sort of price is realistic for one of these workhorses?

thanks in advance

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Its a choice between hoping that the powertrain will hold out... and knowing that my wallet won't! the problem with sticking in the 'new' engine is your mind starts saying "I might as well do the gearbox as well.... and then it is just good sense to do the transfer box too..."

Realistically the 'box will need changing in the nearish future, but I'll cross that bridge when i come to it. Hopefully being able to measure journeys in hours rather than lunar cycles should be enough recompence for the expense!

Will keep you updated, as I know from forum exchanges that we both run pretty similar trucks.


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If you get offered 250 for one of those lumps I would snap their hand off - reconditioned or not. Not that they are a bad engine by any means.

They seem to go for around half that in these parts. 13J's and 'beer money' are often referred to in the same breath.

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The fact that Turners have reconditioned it will add value to what is a very strong but basic engine. £200-250 I would say. If you have the LT77/LT230, then there shouldn't be a problem - even though you're jumping from 85 to 111bhp. The 200TDi was fitted to the same gearbox anyway.


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£75. There are plenty about and they are not particularly desirable. £75 would represent a top end price for your reconned unit. End of the day it's worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.



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