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''Following the recent inspection of the veichle, the inspector was unable to find anything realting to its identity. Therefore, we cannot confirm the veichle is NBW 697. To register the veichle with an age related mark under the reconstructed classic scheme, you woud have to contact an enthusiasts club so that they can confirm that all parts are over 25years. The only other alternative would be to register the veichle with a ''Q'' mark that would involve a single veichle approval test. I enclose the necessary literature concerning all of the above so that you can decide which way you would like to proceed''

So the DVLA will take the word of the local Landy club that the vehicle is pukka? :blink:

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That's one of the questions on the auction - he's looked and its not there iirc.

I think DVLA are used to taking the word of classic car and bike clubs who hold extensive archives and validate bikes to receive age related plates.

I sent a question about this 'series 2' on ebay before it finished asking what was left of the original series vehicle ....

I got a 3 word reply that didn't get posted to the advert - 'the log book'

Fortunately no one bid on it.

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I'd have said it was authentic, certainly from front and bulkhead.

But looking a bit closer, they look like wolf axles, a different gearbox(?). Which may make it difficult to keep the age plate. Shame really

They're not wolf axles, wolf axles are coil sprung. If you're referring to the axle bracing, that's normal at that age.

So the DVLA will take the word of the local Landy club that the vehicle is pukka? blink.gif

Yes, we've been asked to do it a couple of times in the past, we've also been asked to estimate the value of a competition vehicle described over the phone by an insurance investigator. (All mods were declared so no probs with the claim but he needed to check the value of the winches. plasma rope, suspension etc...).

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