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I was wondering if anyone could help.

I have a 2002 TD5 Disco with air suspension on rear.

About a month ago i noticed my Disco had dropped the back drivers side suspension down onto the bumpstops which gave me quite a shock at first.

When i started the car up it raised itself back to the right level, which was fine temporarily to drive.

I bought and fitted a new bag as the old one had a tiny pin prick hole in which was the cause of the loss of air.

However the passengers side one seems to be at full height all the time while the drivers side one lets some air out after the car has been at rest & turned off for a minute of two.

With the car on a level surface it has a noticable lean even when engine runnning allowing the compressor to work.

Again the drivers side is lower than the passenger side at the rear.

I was beginning to wonder if they are supposed to let some air out when stopped or maybe does the side that stays high (passenger side) have an exhauster which allows the suspension to lower that has become blocked.

It is a complete mystery to me hope someone can help.

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