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Range rover not starting


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Hi in need of help, my Range is not starting its to do with the cold start i've been told.... i messed up the wires

or should i say some one else did, the wire that's to do with the cold start not sure where it goes, i put it straight on to the coil... been told thats my problem!!! it only runs for 20 seconds but from cold it runs for about 2 min. has any body got a picture of the wires coming out of the coil?? so i can see where they all go.....thanks

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- What year

- What engine

- Carbs or EFI

- If it's EFI is it Flapper or Hotwire (the search button will explain the difference)

- What "cold start wire"? What colour(s) is it and where does it go?

1988 3.9 efi the wire is a blue and white it goes to a little box thats bolted to the bottom of the air flow metre moulting...

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The blue/white wire is the tach signal to the ECU, the fact it runs at all suggests it's connected right. It should be on the coil -ve.


Does that year of 3.9 have the over-run cut off relay as that may be the box the OP is referring too?

Sounds to me like a gummed up stepper idle valve.


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