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filling HP22 autobox filling


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evening all,

As some of you may remember I have been putting a 3.9 and autbox in my trialler. Electrics have been temporarily put in place and have decided this evening to do the relatively easy job of filling the engine and box with their respective fluids.

However, the gearbox seems to be full already, despite me only having put about 8 litres in. The various books say that it should take 9.8 litres. The oil is to the top of the level tube and can't work out why this is. There should be another 1.5 litres or so to go in. Have I dropped a clanger somewhere?

For your info, the engine and gearbox were split to take them out.

Hope someone can help


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The required amount most likely includes the torque converter.

So either yours is already full or..

You have not yet run the engine so the fluid has not been pumped in to fill the TC up.


Just realised, as you say, that there may still be some oil left in the torque converter - arse. The gearbox, engine and torque converter were on the garage floor for a fair while so i'm not sure now what to do. The manual goes on about not overfilling the autobox but are there severe consequences for UNDERfilling it. Also, I see that the level must be check with the engine cold and the box in park but i'm not too keen on starting the engine if the oil in the autobox is way under or way over.

Any ideas anyone?



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There will be a LOT of fluid left in the TC. As you will find if you take one off & tip it on its side!

Think the last time I changed the fluid on mine I got about 6 litres out.

If its any help I've just checked mine (86 3.5EFi, ZF box) & with the engine off the fluid level is about 5mm above the high line. Running at idle in 'N' its between the lines.

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