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paint work restore job


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hi all my recently purchased disco is in very good cond but i want it better (and before any one starts laughing at the back yes i know its a land rover but that dont mean it cant be clean )

there are quite a few light scratches etc on the paint and i want it buffed back to a spot on finish

hand polishing has made it shiney but there are still more marks on it than i would like

so anyone on here able to recommend either a mobile one or local ish place that will do a proper job on it?

i had a local garage valeter buff my last car with a mop and he burned the paint so defo want better than that doing lol


ps if and one on here wants the job pm me and we can sort it

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just use a good quality polish and the normal t cut not the colour stuff on older car i always do i a t cut and leave it to set then either mop off or rub witha good quality soft cloth, then us a light polish to give the deopth to the shine.

other cars i done are pictured below so u can see the depth of the shine



bit sad really but used to do for a living

this is my old lotus companyy car before going to a show very clean


thats mine i did recently after 6 months of no washin and its nevr been polished before coz the paint felt like sand paper


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Bilt Hamber have some good products. I have used their clay bar and it did

wonders for the paint work. Again felt like sandpaper, but after the clay bar

it was as smooth as a babies bum.

Took me all day though.




Dry/ Chamois leather


Extra gloss protection.

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Have a look on Detail world - or the Meguiars UK forum. There are some professionals who post up pics of their work on there.

Detail world is a bit boy racer - should be called retail world as they all spend a fortune on high quality detail products.

A good guy will clay your car to clean the surface, then measure the paint depth to see how deep they can cut with a paint cleaner. Then polish it. Then wax it - they'll also use an orbital polisher where the mop moves around as well as spinning.

There is a great guy in Manchester who is mobile but I think its a bit far!

Its not cheap to get a proper job done of course...

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On my old car... i won't say what it was apart from fast and shiney i used a clay bar, then t-cut, then t-cut with a product called finesse it from 3m. About half and half mixed together, then just pure finesse it. Then a hard build wax, then a high shine wax. If you wanted to you could miss out the mix and the high shine, you would still get a good finish. A lot of work but it won trophys.

This is the stuff

Finesse It

P.S. If you do it yourself there is so much satisfaction. ;)

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