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90 County hardtop to a Staton Wagon?


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Chaps ,

I've currently got a 2002 90 hardtop, after a small addition to the family , i was thinking about converting it to a station wagon , but instead of the 4 inward facing seats , using 2 forward facing seats as in the 2007MY trucks.

Are there any pitfalls in doing this> - for instance insurance and registering these changes with the DVLA.

Also - where's the best place to get the bits - i guess i'll need 2 x side panels with windows (too fearfull of fitting my own windows) 2x seats and associated trims.

Thans in advance.


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the rear archs on the latest vehicles is a different shape, for forward facing rear seats go to www.trakkers.co.uk for the side windows you can do that various ways

1. replace the entire side panel with panels with windows already fitted from a Station Wagon

2. get the tools out & cut your existing panels & fit windows from the various independent parts suppliers

3. get a garage [LR independent not main dealer] to fit either of the above for you.

trim can be sourced from Ebay or Autocraft4x4 or Equicar or various other suppliers.

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you'll have to notify the dvla of the increase in seats i think. the insurance company would need to know the correct number of seats too. Otherwise it's quite simple to fit seats in the back. If you plan to use child seats, you might be best looking at exmoor trims lock and fold seats (have a look here, http://trakkers.co.uk/). The new defender has a different wheel box design for the seats to mount so i would imagine are difficult to mount in earlier vehicles.

good luck


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