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range rover snorkel


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well it may sound strange but i am capable of using the search function but it generally leads nowhere or doesnt answer the question but thank you all the same. what i was trying to find was opinions of how they perform, and what people would buy themselves

also what are the arrows pointing at the red and yellow circles for

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ok cheers for the search results but doesnt really say much about the quality of the snorkels

if i was to make my own would it need to be 3" pipe on a 3.9 v8

plus i must admit i didnt search very hard :rolleyes:

Have a look at the inlet to your current air filter. I bet it is less than 2 inches.

Most who do DIY use B&Q drainpipe and fittings. The only difficult bit then is finishing off the top without it looking a bodge.


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The mushroom-type snorkel top from Rover has a diameter of the flange-part of 67mm - this is the outer diameter. The steel of it is about 1mm thick so I guess it would slide over a 65mm pipe as intended.

Here´s another link:


most interesting info is the pipe I think:


That is what I try to copy at the moment. I had some alu pipe at hand and cut a few "wedge"-like sections of of it so that the pipe would follow a curve. Hope a friend manages to Tig weld it nicely. Plastic drainpipe is cheap and effective. But I will have to assure a MOT man sometime that my snorkel is close to the Camel-Trophy version later on and therefore preferred metal pipe.

What I do not like that much is how the guy in the link above connected the snorkel pipe and air filter with the long tube. Is there any other way to do that ? Just curious. I won a steel-2.5TD Galloper´s air filter and modified the intake to look towards the decker panel so there´s no need for a long tube. But the filter hardly fits under the bonnet had to be modified a lot and if I did again I would have looked for an easier way.

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The plenum mouth is 70mm on every Range Rover from 3.5 to 4.6 and the air filter intake less than that. The B&Q version as fitted to my dad's has been on for years now and is still fine. My snorkel is 2.5" SS exhaust pipe with Mantec top on a 4.6 and does not cause problems.

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hi,mines a diy job too,after all the gr8 guys on here sent me links an piccies how to fabricate 1..(cheers guys)..usual bomb proof desighn,,b+q drain pipe,calor ducting heat proof flexi hose,southdown snorkel fitting kit and snorkel top(whitch can be rotated backwards in extreme conditions),and loads a back silicone to seal joins and water proof airbox..this is on a 1990 3.9 rrc and it works fantastic m8..if anything it gives more cold fresh air than the tiny trumpet intake on airbox....all the best.wayne. ;)

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just finished.





Air filter is from a 2.5TD Galloper. About the biggest in size I could make to fit without driving with bonnet open. The intake of the filter was moved towards the snorkel to keep tubing short.

First drive today gave me the impression of 10°C colder intake air than I had before. Seems like the intake position hasn´t been optimal for sucking air out of the engine bay, but I always had in mind to add a snorkel.

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